Filmmakers' Calendar 2023 illustrates the steps involved in the process of filmmaking. From a January of Ideation through a February of Screenwriting as the climax closes in on the Final Showdown in December.


This seed paper calendar has been made on paper upcycled from waste cotton scrap and has seeds embedded in it. An eco-friendly alternative to an otherwise one-time use product, this will make for a wonderful green gift that is sustainable and carries life in it.


How to Use the Plantable Calendar:

After two months are over, wet the paper and tear it into half or more pieces. Put it in coco-peat or manure-rich soil and cover it with a light layer of the same. Keep it in open air, with mild sunlight. Keep this moist till seeds sprout.



12 Sheets of Seed Paper (200 GSM)
1 Sheet ‘About the Calendar’

Pinewood stand with wooden nail



Paper Sheets: 4.75” x 8”

Pine Wood Stand: 5.5” x 8.5”